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B Music World

Music: There are hundreds of Bhutanese songs including English, Logtsham and Sharshop on B Music World. Play, discover new release and save your favorite songs.

Playlists: You’ll find readymade playlists to match your mood and build your own playlist.

New Releases: Listen to new songs and check out what’s hot in the B Music World.


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B Music Free
You can live stream and listen to music. However, there are ads (audio and display) and data charges applied as per the song length.
  • Live Streaming
  • No download & No Offline Mode Play-Download & listen offline after without data usage & Offline Mode in Play
  • Ad played every after 3 song -No Ad
  • No storage
  • Play
B Music Premium
At Nu. 99/month, you can enjoy up to 150 songs, listening time without any ads and you are able to download songs and listen offline. Songs can be save it within the App. (No sharing of music)
Nu.99.00 /month
  • Live Streaming
  • Song Are stored within App
  • Play and organize your own MP3